“Beachy Man” – Book Review

The beautiful Anna Jarvis takes a refreshing look at life by traveling to an exotic island, the Caribbean, and uncovering its many treasures. BEAUTY. once traveled the world, exploring the cultural beauty of each area. She was amongst the greatest of her time, with an intellect and social charm that has affected generations. Now, Anna Jarvis is back in the public eye, but this time, she will be appearing in an all-new play, “Beachy Man”.

As if those years not enough, Anna is also an accomplished author. Born and raised in San Francisco, California, Anna moved to Jamaica when she was 18. For the past twenty years, Anna has focused on sharing the beauty that surrounds her island home. She has released several cookbooks, as well as being active in the political and environmental movements of her native country. With the help of playwright and consultant Paula Sage, Anna has also gained the knowledge necessary to create a play about her life, based on her many travels, cookbooks and published works.

To say that Anna Jarvis is an enchantress is an understatement. She is simply a woman who possessed the beauty, love, and humor that every person longs for in their lifetime. “Beachy Man” is sure to enchant readers young and old, and allow them to enjoy the charming characters that will undoubtedly include Anna’s pet dog, Boots, as well as the many other interesting characters that are found on Anna Jarvis’ travels across the islands of Jamaica.