What Are Sports?

The word sports has a double meaning in the English language. It refers to activities that involve both physical and mental exertion. Many of these activities are played with friends and family. Games are also a common type of sport. They often include a combination of physical and mental activity. Some examples of games include chess, Ludo, tag, hide and seek, and baseball. A sport may also refer to a group of people playing related activities.


There are many forms of sports, including those that promote health and fitness. A sport is a physical activity or game that is played for competitive purposes, and the purpose of competition is to improve the physical abilities of participants. Moreover, a sport can entertain spectators and provide exercise for its participants. Various types of sports exist. Some involve single contestants and others involve hundreds of contestants. Some are two-sided and involve multiple sides. In any case, there is usually a winner and a losing team.

In colonial Virginia and Maryland, sports occupied considerable attention. While hunting was only allowed for landowners in England, game was plentiful in America, making it socially acceptable for everyone – including slaves and servants. Among the most popular sports of the period were horse racing, tennis, and ice hockey, which attracted a wide audience. A number of races were also held and involved teams of hundreds of contestants at a time. In some cases, there was only one winner and others were tied.