Types of Games For Adults

There are numerous types of games, which in general, are typically classified by their functions or characteristics not by their specific type of play. Game genres or categories, then, may also consist of subgenres, which therefore could have multiple subgenres each having their own associated genres! A good example of this would be board games such as Chess, Spades and Monopoly. In these games each player is assumed to control a race in a game of race for them to achieve a particular goal, usually to become the strongest race or group of races on the board and eventually to win the game. Likewise, most word games fall under one of the main categories of English/U.S. English or American English.


As an example of a subgenre of board games, one of the most popular ones today is Scrabble. Scrabble, which is essentially a form of word game where players take turns choosing letters from a grid to form words, is modeled after the Scrabble game in which players use letters only to place their pieces onto a square filled with tiles. The main difference between the two though is that in Scrabble the objective is not actually to get your piece onto the board and become the leader; it is just to make as many words as you can using the letters you are given. The main article in this subgenre of board games is word play and tactics, which are where the tactics come into play.

Another subgenre of board games are the simulation games where the objective is to try and solve puzzles or the game itself, rather than to achieve a certain goal. One of the most famous and popular subgenres of this genre is the game of Mentalis. Like the name suggests, this game requires all of your brain power to solve the puzzle rather than do what you’re told to do! This game is played by building and rearranging the nine squares in the board until you finally reach the solution that you desire. The main article in this subgenre is strategy, and like the strategy subgenre this also includes the game theory and the strategy section of the article.