The Various Types of Sports

Sports are usually governed either by a governing body or a set of unwritten rules or traditions, that ensure fair play, and enable consistent adjudication of the winner in sporting competitions. In amateur sport, records of past performances are often maintained, and this information can be widely reported or announced in sports news. However, it is not legal to publish this information without the expressed written permission of the person whose information has been released. This is essential in some sports where the participants have a contract with the respective teams or organizers, such as football, rugby and soccer, where the participants’ privacy can sometimes be infringed upon.


There are various different sports that people can take part in. Whilst most popular sports are played in the UK and Ireland, other countries and sports have their own popular sports festivals, including athletics at the Olympic Games, motor sports like motorbike racing, golf and tennis, water sports such as sailing and swimming, cricket and arena sports like ice hockey. Many of these sports have become incredibly popular over time, especially during major events such as the Olympics, World Cups and Formula 1 races.

There is a lot more to participating in sports than just playing the game itself. The skills required in many sports, particularly when playing the game, require great levels of speed, strength, endurance and agility. A strong body is required in order to protect the head, as well as the heart from injury. This is why many people take part in intense sports training regimes, in order to keep their body in peak condition for every match.