The Goodness of Games

Games are now the most preferred leisure activities of millions of people all over the world. Playing games allows people to relax and de-stress from everyday work pressure. It gives people the freedom to let off their steam and enjoy life. As a result of this, many people have started taking interest in online games. It has also paved way for businesses to establish themselves as games provide an easy source of income.


Gaming is important and meaningful recreational activity for most trouble gamblers. Online video gaming has both positive and negative impacts in the lives of most problem gamblers. Negative effects mostly resulted from the use of video games as a recreational coping mechanism. The positive impact of online games encouraged people to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle, which in turn led to the reduction in crime rate.

Since most people nowadays spend most of their time on computers, it made it easier for games to be developed. As a result, more games are being developed to cater to different age groups and interests. Many games today incorporate elements that will help improve the players’ mental abilities. This has also contributed to the growth of computer games as an entertainment option. It can be safely said that games are good for you.