Popular Video Game genres

A video game is basically a structured kind of interactive play, often undertaken for fun or entertainment, and at times used as a learning tool. As such, games are quite different from work, which usually are carried out merely for remuneration, and even from literature, which are generally more of an expression of artistic or aesthetic values. In fact, many students find that they have more retention for games than for reading novels, since they involve more active involvement and interaction with the characters in the story. Although, when carried out on a regular basis, computer games also help with logical and abstract thinking, memory skills, problem solving, decision making and strategy, all of which are important components for higher education.


The two most common types of games are first-person shooters (commonly known as FPS) and turn-based RPGs. FPSs involve gun combat and strategic maneuvers, requiring quick reactions to get the character ready to engage in combat and to hit their enemies. Some of the most popular examples of modern-day FPSs are Counter-Strike, Day, overwatch, War Hammer, Titan Mode, Half Life, Serious Sam, Counter Strike, Team Fortress 2, Age of Empires, Obelix, and Red Orchestra.

Turn-based RPGs are much more complex than their first-person shooter counterparts, often involving time management and intricate puzzles. Some of the most popular examples of this type of RPG include Dragon Age, Baldur’s Gate, Jade Empire, Kingdom Hearts, Sleeping Knights, Neverwinter Nights, Jade Empire, Sunless Sea and Pillars of the Earth. Some interesting examples of turn-based RPGs include Sequence, Zelda, Baldur’s Gate and Pirates of the Burning Sea. When looking at the overall genre, it appears that board games and card games dominate the top slots, with the exception of the action games mentioned above. Ranging from simple word and number games, to games of skill such as chess, monopoly and Scrabble, card games are an entertaining genre for those who enjoy strategic planning and luck.