Physical Activity Versus Sports

Sports are physical, active games and competitions. These fill the human need for competition, physical action and play. Almost all sports can be competitively competitive, but not all sports are physically demanding. This is basically the key difference between physical recreation, leisure or sports and exercise.


Many people like to watch sports because of the exciting nature of the competitions. There is a thrill in watching your favorite player or team to get eliminated in a competition. In addition, sports show us the competitors try very hard and have great endurance to win the game and the prize money. This mental and physical preparation of the athlete makes them prepared to face the next competition or task.

Many adults and children play sports just for fun, recreation or for fitness. Some people exercise to improve their physical condition by participating in sports. This may include playing sports as a sport or even joining a gym, to increase your cardio and strength. For some people it is because they enjoy the competitive aspect of sports, while for others it may be an important factor in staying physically healthy. The important thing is that you find something you enjoy and stick with it.