Lawn Games – Information On How To Play Crawford Lemonade Crawller

Games are any activity which combines an objective, a participant, and a quantifiable and generally measurable end result. Any collection of objects which are controlled to generate a certain result, usually a goal, can then be considered a game. This end result can take many forms, but a common thread running through all games is the competition and overcoming of obstacles or other challenges. Games are often chosen based on their ability to stimulate thought, imagination and critical thinking, as well as to provide relaxation and fun. Some games are designed so that the players are not entirely sure of the outcome from the start, which helps them maintain their interest and helps them consider alternate strategies.


While games require a variety of different elements to be successful, there are some common elements that all games use in order to function. First, most games require a strategy. Strategies can involve anything from “you must surround the opponent with silence” to “you must hit your opponent with the head of the screw”. Second, most games require a component of luck. Most games require the player to hit certain areas of the board to gain points, although some may allow random chance to affect the points gained or the actions taken. Finally, most games require skill.

In this main article we have discussed the basics of how Crawford lemonade crawler and related lawn games are played. For more information, please see the main article. Happy playing!