Lawn Games – A Main Article

A video game is a structured, often intricate form of interactive play, sometimes used as a teaching tool or for entertainment, and at other times simply for fun. Games are very different from work, which are often carried out only for recreation, and from fine art, that are more usually an expression of personal or artistic ideals. The distinction between games and other forms of entertainment can be quite clear; games are intended to be played. While most forms of entertainment are generally for enjoyment, games require a specific degree of concentration in order to be thoroughly enjoyed. For this reason, games are usually only played by people who have a certain degree of skill, those who are interested in the medium, or by those who have access to specific equipment that makes playing games much more difficult.

It has been suggested that video games are a source of violence because many games require the player to hit, bash, or hit other objects. While it may be true that some violence against others may stem from the desire to physically hurt another human being, recent trends in video games show that a great deal of violence against humans is due to an increasing desire to stimulate the mind through the application of skill, in a highly competitive environment. This can be compared to sports, where the competition requires physical skill in order to be successful. Video games, in addition to requiring skill, require a certain amount of concentration that results in the ability to focus and be intensely attentive to the actions around you while playing a particular type of game. In the case of video games, the attention required is almost always to the actions within the game itself, rather than external stimuli.

This focus can result in many players becoming addicted to playing, leading to a number of different types of negative outcomes. Some of the negative outcomes caused by playing include repetitive injury, lack of development of various skills, depression, and other similar mental disorders. Many games, like the main article, are monitored by parents or other adults in an effort to prevent these negative affects on children. It is important, however, to remember that these games are often played by very young children and have a profound impact on the mental and emotional health of these children.