How To Find The Best Sports Movies

A sports movie is a movie genre which makes use of sports as the main theme of the movie. In short, it’s a fictional production in which a sports event, sport, player, or supporter of sport are heavily involved, and which rely on sport to an important degree for their overall plot resolution or motivation. There are a lot of these types of movies out there, but I’ll bet that you’ll be looking for a movie about football or hockey!


Movies about sports have a tendency to be very fair, balanced and ethical, as they try to present the world of sports as it really is. They also strive to be realistic, and to show the people involved in different situations on the sports field, both winners and losers. For example, in The Prestige, Tom Hanks plays an attorney representing a group of baseballs that were stolen during a game. The players and their fans are shown as trying to settle disputes with each other, playing out in real life court rooms.

There are many movies that depict the world of sports in a balanced, accurate and ethical way. Some of these films even have some good lessons for society at large, such as in the movie The Social Network, which depicts the inner workings of Facebook over its social media rival, Facebook. Films can also touch on various international topics, as they make mention of different governing bodies for different sports (for example, the World Anti-Fraud Commission and the NCAA), and they show how these governing bodies keep the sport of sports competitions fair.