Examples of Sports Films You’ll Find on TV

A sports film is a genre of film in which the theme is based on a sport. The plot usually involves a prominent sports figure, or an athlete, who is followed by others for the love of the game. It often relies heavily on sport to motivate its characters and plot. Below are some examples of movies featuring athletes. You might be surprised by the genre of sports films you’ll find on television. The following are just a few examples.


In the 7th century, Islam conquered the land of North Africa. The region was known for its abundant game and archery contests served as a way to demonstrate prowess and skill. In 1691, the prophet Muhammad authorized horse races and a man was required to ride a camel to win the prize. But the men were also allowed to race camels, which was a socially neutral activity. The games, known as ta kurt om el mahag, were similar to modern football and baseball.

In the 7th century, the Islamic conquest of North Africa did not alter the traditional sports that were thriving in the region. Wrestling was a popular competition between men and women, with a game called ta kurt om el mahag, which is similar to baseball and football. During this time, men raced camels in the desert in order to kill them. Then, they would compete in a sport known as Koura, which is similar to soccer.