A Glimpse Into Sports

The term sports can be applied broadly to any form of physical activity that requires an element of competition and exertion. Sports have been around since the earliest civilizations, going back to the games devised by the ancient Greek athletes and priests. Sports are a huge part of many people’s lives and are constantly evolving and being refined. Many of today’s ‘professional’ sportsmen and women began their careers sporting other sports such as ice skating, swimming, football, basketball and track and field.


The Olympic Games is the most popular and prestigious sports events throughout the world. Many nations host these Olympics with each country putting forth its best athletes in events from the swimming events to the gymnastics and track and field events. These are the most widely recognized sports event in the world as they allow athletes from every nation to participate and display their athletic prowess on a global scale.

A sport may also include competitions for recognition such as artistic sports like dancing and gymnastics, athletic sports like wrestling and Track and Field, and physical dexterity sports like weightlifting and fencing. In some countries, there exists a national sports league that is responsible for sanctioning and organizing athletic competitions. A sport can be both a game and a discipline, with rules governing the execution of the sport itself and the collection of performance data. Many sports can also be divided into specific disciplines such as swimming for example, and these disciplines are further sub-divided into individual sports such as swimming for women and track running for men.