The History of Sports

Sports are physical activities that involve exertion of physical and mental energy, and competition. These are also known as active recreation activities, and they are conducted for various purposes, including relaxation, health, and enjoyment. In Australia, the Australian Government has accepted the National Sport and Active Recreation Policy Framework, which outlines guidelines for the development and regulation of sport in the country. It helps distinguish between organised sport and casual play. It can improve fitness and mental health, and it can even foster social relationships and competition at all levels.


In colonial America, sports took a prominent place in society. In England, hunting was reserved to landowners and noblemen, but in America, game was abundant and everyone could participate. This made hunting and other games more socially neutral and open to anyone, including slaves and servants. The first organized sporting competitions were held in 1691 between Virginians, and they involved people from all social classes and races. However, this popularity soon waned.

The first games of organized sport were held in 1690 in England, and they were attended by people from all social classes, including slaves. In these games, there was no class division; instead, everyone was welcome. Although the rules of sport were often complex, the participants were generally free to make decisions regarding their own performance. These games were played with varying levels of skill and ability, and they involved a number of different types of physical activities.